Bikes I currently own. 31 July 2010

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Just Photo's

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Virginia USA

Shots I've taken near my home.

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First State is the Last State

This is a ride I completed from where I live near the Blue Ridge of Vi ...

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Work PDC

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Jim (Me)

Just photos of me.

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2010 ADV SS Gifts

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50 CC

Iron Butt Association 50CC. Coast to coast in less than 50 hours, May ...

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The lower 48 plus the Four Corners.

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Sunsets & Rises

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Norway 2011

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Post Offices

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Houston Space Center Dec 2011

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1957 Big Green Truck

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Houston House

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The Four Wheel World

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MotoGP COTA 2013

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South Africa 2013

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Iceland 2013

These photos are from a trip to Iceland with Carmen Gentry. We utilize ...

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Independence Ride - Wallis, TX 2013

7th Annual Wallis Independence Ride, 2 November 2013. "The Wallis Ind ...

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Just morning photos.

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Ecuador 2014

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MotoGP COTA 2014

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Angola 2014

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I like to travel, mostly via motorcycle. I currently have ten bikes and ride as much as possible. I've been to 49 US States and 34 countries. I've also been around the world heading east with stops in Amsterdam, Mumbai (Bombay), Kula Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo. I have lived in Italy, Singapore and spent a few months in Norway, in the US I have lived in Colorado, New Mexico, Vermont, California, Connecticut, Virginia, Illinois, North Carolina and Texas. I also travel for work and I'm currently working and living in Luanda, Angola and have a home near the Blue Ridge of Virginia. Taking photo's comes natural with travel.